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Green Glue SilenSeal Tube

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Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant

No soundproofing job is complete without Green Glue SilenSeal.

Cracks and joints between walls, ceilings, and floors compromise the sound isolation of any room by allowing noise to penetrate into adjoining rooms.

Adding Green Glue SilenSeal to your soundproofing project can reduce noise transmission by 100 times or more.

Green Glue SilenSeal can be applied as easily as any standard caulking material. It fits into a quart-sized applicator gun, the same as Green Glue, and is applied along the edges and joints between floors and walls, ceilings and walls for maximum performance. Green Glue Sealant can also be painted once dry. Green Glue Sealant is low odor and can be easily cleaned while still wet with soap and water.

Each tube of SilenSeal provides 40-80 linear feet of coverage (12-24 linear meters), depending on the size of the hole cut in the nozzle.
In many cases, you will only need a tube or two to complete a project. A good rule of thumb is a 6:1 ratio. If your project requires six cases of Green Glue compound, you’ll probably need one full case of Silenseal.

Priced per tube

You will need a US Quart sized applicator, don't forget to get yours!

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Feature Detail:
857ml tubes